Positive Education

Positive Value,whole-person development

Aiming to equip students with knowledge, skills, generic ability and positive values and attitudes, our school supports mainstream curriculum and cross-curricular school-based courses through cooperation of different subject panels with a variety of strategies, providing students with rich learning experiences both inside and outside class, to cater diverse learning needs and interests. Value education, an important part of whole person education, is highlighted in our curriculum, with the focus of nurturing positive values, so as to facilitate students’ understanding of the meaning of positive life, and developing resilience, with which they can cope with challenges in life, make objective analysis and appropriate judgment, and act accordingly.  


1. Rainbow Project

 The training team of the primary school of our school combined the "five senses theory of self-esteem" with the concept of "small society", thus, the "Rainbow Project" was developed. The "Rainbow Kingdom" under the "Rainbow Project" has a total of several government departments, where students must devote themselves to the department and realize their potential to serve their fellow students and advance, and to embody rights and obligations and fulfill the spirit of social responsibility.

2. Life-wide learning

Students in our secondary section are arranged to participate in the AYP (The Hong Kong Award for Young People) program and mountain craft training course to nurture perseverance. Adventure volunteer team helps to develop students’ sense of responsibility as well as a sense of national identity and law-abiding awareness, through special activities like National Week. Students are also guided to learn about topics such as integrity and animal rights, to develop empathy and learn to respect others. Through all these learning experiences, students are expected to act with well-founded knowledge and values, and achieve whole person development goals. 

3. Strengthen the promotion of values education

i)Positive education

The primary school refers to Jane Nelsen's book "Gentle and Firm Positive Parenting" and Alfred Adler’s works. The works of Adler, Rudolf Dreikurs and Jane Nelsen are very much in line with our motto: self-esteem, self-government , self-reliance, and actively promote "positive education".

ii)Value Education

To strengthen value education, four modes are adopted, namely subject learning, life-wide learning, practice and service, and the whole school model, from the three aspects of cognition, emotion and practice. We endeavor to provide a harmonious and healthy environment where students are able to understand themselves, develop their unique interests and reach their potential. Through teacher-student interaction, peer discussions, students are expected to reflect and acquire analytical skills, social ethics and positive values, which will enable them to face future challenges, make appropriate decisions and realize their ambitions, despite complicated situations or conflicting values they might face.