Experiential Learning

Experiential learning, unity of knowledge and action

Through the "experiential learning" activities of the interdisciplinary group, experience the importance of mutual cooperation and respect between people, knowing yourself, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, enhancing self-confidence, challenging yourself, discovering your potential, and realizing your ambitions. In addition, through various activities, it is also expected to enhance the sense of belonging and unity in the school, improve interpersonal relationships, increase communication and trust, and the ability to face adversity, reflect and apply positive values. It allows students to learn how to face choices in real life, construct positive values, and practice universal values such as sharing with others and caring for disadvantaged groups.

1. Mindfulness experience

In the mornings of October and November this year, the training team of our primary school conducted mindfulness exercises for some students who were more restless. Divided into Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The students expressed their devotion and earnestness, and gradually learned to soothe their thoughts, calm down, and live in the moment. According to the teacher's observation, after participating in the mindfulness training, the students responded positively and their performance was more stable than before. 

2. Campus TV –YouTube Channel Cornwall 47

Inaugurated on 15th October this academic year, our campus TV– YouTube Channel Cornwall 47 releases student-edited videos, school news and subject info. Three programs are released every week, i.e., Chak Yan News on Monday which disseminate the most updated school news, Advertisement Analysis and Chatting with Ms Law every Wednesday. Students interview their peers, teachers or the principal in different programs with fluency and professionalism, thanks to their efforts before the shooting. In addition, students and teachers interact and compete in the joyful Friday programs “One Minute Challenge” and “Subject Info”, bringing closer links among teachers and students.  Campus TV –YouTube Channel Cornwall 47 also presents a vivid Chak Yan to the outside world. 

3. Activities and support for skills and interest cultivation

To nurture students and promote diversified development including knowledge, skills and attitude, a variety of Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) are arranged, such as STEM Team, Campus TV, Café 47, Chak Yan Kitchen, which equip students with digital knowledge and workplace skills.  A series of group activities like Dragon Dancing Team, School Sports Team, School Band and Volunteer Team help students to set up positive values and prepare them back to mainstream school setting. 

  The 3-Tier Intervention Model is adopted in our school to support students. Teachers first encountering students with difficulties will help to do guidance and counseling, followed by trans-disciplinary cooperation involving class teachers, discipline teachers and social workers, if students are still in need of support.  Each student will be supported by their dedicated social workers. In addition, every student’s Chinese language proficiency will be assessed by our educational psychologist, and students in need of support will be trained by our speech therapist. Finally, Individual Educational Plan (IEP) will be arranged to follow certain cases, so as to provide fuller and more diversified support to all students.